Downtown Development Authority


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Historic Downtown Rome Georgia

The Center of Business in Rome

The Downtown Development Office is located in the heart of Rome. Nestled in the Carnegie Building at 607 Broad Street, Downtown Development is fully devoted to the revitalization of the downtown district. The Director staffs the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), oversees the Main Street Program, and the parking program. The office also serves as a ready point of contact for prospects, project management, and administering the downtown revolving loan fund. We offer many programs and services to help better the downtown community. Other staff members include a parking manager, enforcement officer, and administrative personnel.


To foster an environment that encourages growth and development while enhancing the historic quality of the City and County Center. To develop downtown's historic, social and economic culture.


All citizens of Rome and Floyd County will have a greater appreciation, respect, and understanding for the historic city center. The central business district will be valued as a vibrant economic and cultural district and a vital contributor to the community's heritage and identity. The community will be better because of the partnerships, investments, and enhanced sense of place. Downtown will have an enriched quality of life in which to live, work and play. The citizens of Rome-Floyd County will experience a historic city center valued as a vital contributor to the community's heritage and identity.

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