2013 SPLOST Projects

City of Rome - 2013 SPLOST Projects
Tennis Center

$11,400,000 $11,439,249 ($39,249) 2016 The project was completed and a grand opening held on July 29, 2016. Economic Impact for 2018 was $4,874,385 from tennis tournaments.  Click here for a photo of the completed project.
Chulio Hills Back Entrance and Road Improvements $800,000 $603,365 $196,635 2019 Projects are completed.
Trail Connectivity Expansion $1,800,000 $1,207,707 $ 592,293 2021 Spriggs Construction constructed the Mt. Berry Trail and it was dedicated in September 2020. Click here for a video of the completed Mt. Berry Trail.
Pending access to complete the last leg to Armuchee Connector. Right of way has been purchased from Norfolk Southern for the Redmond Trail.
Fire Tankers, Trucks & Facility Upgrade $750,000 $750,000 $0 2021 The Education Trailer (click here for photo) and the tanker truck (click here for photo) have both been acquired and equipped. 
 2013 SPLOST funds will be combined with 2017 to complete the burn building project.
City Police Training Facility Upgrade $396,000 $397,338 ($1,338) 2016 Projects are completed.
Countywide Sewer Improvements $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $0 2016 Construction is complete.
City Hall/Auditorium Modernization $1,700,000 $2,102,320 ($402,320) 2016 Project is complete.
City Street Milling and Paving $500,000 $500,000 $0 2018 For 2017 we paved 1.92 miles of streets, including: Atteiram, N 4th Ave, Prenncrest, Evergreen, Roswell, W 5th Street, Lawrence Ave and Parrish Drive.
Unity Point/South Broad Bridge $1,800,000 $14,542 $1,785,458 2022 At this time, Design for a canoe launch and streambank stabilization is under contract with CTI Engineers. When all permits are acquired and Design Plans are complete, the City of Rome will issue a RFP to complete the work. After work is complete remaining funds will be evaulated to determine future work.
Burnett Ferry Road Improvements $2,721,000 $2,564,417 $156,583 2018 Awarded to Bartow Paving at a contract amount of $2,149,775. Project is complete.
Jackson Hill/Tourism Development $200,000 $250,958 ($50,958) 2019 The project was redesigned and awarded to Multicraft Construction. The project is complete. Also installed technology improvements
Downtown Visitor Information Center $50,000 $50,000 $0 2014 The Georgia's Rome Office of Tourism opened the new Welcome Center in downtown Rome on Saturday, 12-13-2014
Playground Improvements $500,000 $478,038 $21,962 2017 Parks & Recreation has recently completed the following upgrades: Ridge Ferry Park playground, Ridge Ferry North and tot lot, Banty Jones Park, Parks Hoke Park, and Tolbert Park.